About Azuma-ryu

Almost 200 years ago in the Edo period, the prosperous Edo-za theaters were namely known for three major theaters: the Nakamura-za, Ichimura-za, and Morita-za. Azuma-ryu Nihon Buyo Dance Institute was originally founded by the actor Azuma Tozo I who was employed as the main choreographer in the Ichimura-za theater.

Azuma Tozo I had two other successors, but after Azuma Tozo III no successors came after for many years. When the Showa period began, Azuma Tokuho, a daughter of the popular actor Ichimura Uzaemon XVIII, became the successor and the school is now where it is today.

One of Azuma Tokuho’s great contributions that can be told to next generations is a performance of Azuma Kabuki which was played overseas after the end of World War II and succeeded in introducing Nihon Buyo> to the world. The productions were made in more than forty cities in over ten countries in Europe and gained great appreciation.

Azuma-ryu Nihon Buyo Dance Institute made its achievements by always walking on the front line of the world of dancing and by introducing the beauty of Nihon Buyo to the world with spirits both of keeping the tradition and of taking innovative steps to the future.